Anonymous asked: Don't you think that your anti-white position puts nonwhite people higher? Do you think only white people cause problems all round the world?

you gotta understand i’m coming from a country where the absolute majority of population is white,  where nonwhite population is mostly immigrants from former colonised lands in central asia who work underpaid hard labour jobs and are at the same time subjected to highly racist anti-immigrant attitude from the white russian population, where racial slurs are the norm. put my response in this perspective, keeping in mind i was asked if i’m a white power supporter in the first place, and it’ll be clear what i meant by an anti-white position. surely there are/were places and cases where white population is/was a less privileged one, but i felt it was kind of not relevant to the initial question. 

Anonymous asked: thank you for clearing that up that makes me feel a lot better. sorry for the confusion

no worries. that’s the thing with internet, i mostly think of my audience as people who know me personally, they know i’m highly interested in such things as colonial history and racial politics and pretty much hold an anti-white position in all of these, so i don’t try to build up an image on here for people who don’t know me and run this more like a personal blog of random things. thanks for asking tho, i would hate to be in the grey zone. 

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ARTIST: Poder Absoluto

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DISCHARGE - 9:30 Club, Washington DC October 1982

ARTIST: Grimes

TRACK: Oblivion

ALBUM: Visions

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Anonymous asked: What exactly are your political views because you posted a picture of djinji brown before but you seem like a huge fan of far right bands and i can't seem to get why you'd follow me if Im not white...

My political views exactly are socialist, anti-racist and anti anything that is related to white supremacy in any form. Sorry if my taste for some bands made you think the opposite. I follow people regardless of them being white or not and it never occurred to me to not follow someone because their skin colour is different to mine.

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